Friday, February 24, 2012

M's Report

We’ve arrived at a new secure location.  This time around we cannot fortify as much; in Greece we were able to exploit some of our still-remaining connections and establish a base under Thessaloniki.  We just needed to reinforce and wall off a section of the catacombs.  Suppose we could do that again here, but there aren’t any locally embedded Agents in a position to help us get in unnoticed.

    So for now we just have to rotate through a series of shabby apartments, constantly on the move.  Easier to escape if we’re caught, but also harder to operate since we can’t keep any of the usual heavy equipment. 

    For now I’ll leave our location a mystery.  Have to make sure we haven’t been followed, and that He is well distracted before we can become complacent.  After all, being a detective isn’t all about how much you can find out.  Sometimes one has to make sure that information can remain safe from prying eyes.  Sometimes it takes just a little skill, to preserve the truth.


  1. Hmm, doesn't work on Ubuntu, neither on wine nor on WinXP in a virtualbox. On wine it does not start at all and on WinXP the cygwin1.dll is missing (the ones availabble from the web don't work).

    1. hah, I told DD that something just like this would happen, but did he listen? Nooooo.

      Sorry about that, cygwin's usually pretty friendly. I tried recompiling it with something different, had a better optimizer anyway. Link's updated up in the post, try it out.

    2. Funny how he can spin a mistake of his onto me, isn't it?