Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Forgive the somewhat later posting.  Things appear to be in motion, and His agents are behaving unusually.  My own infiltrators within His forces are being more closely scrutinized.  We think He's up to something, but we do not know what.

For now, He leaves as I enter.  Just as He lays to sleep, I waken.  As He dreams, I work.  Perhaps He is protected by the God of Dreams, perhaps so are we all.  Whether we are waking or sleeping he may enter our minds to weave the spells that release us from bondage to reality.



  1. Have re-established contact with infiltrators. Information is still spotty, but it appears that He is getting ready to leave the country. Current destination or mission unknown.

    If nothing else, it appears to have Him busy. He's trying the same infiltration methods as last time, no variation. Could be a ploy to lure us into a false sense of security. We'll be shutting down comms and updating in 2 hours, just in case.


    Manual communications lockdown and security update initiated.

    Intrusion level: .04

    Risk level: ~0

    Engaging communications lockdown until further encryption is implemented.