Thursday, March 15, 2012


Much as it annoys me to do so, it appears I shall have to start stacking puzzles upon you after all. I suppose this one isn’t too bad though, it’s even related to the previous one. Maybe it’ll help. I hope it does, the time has come for me to act, and I must move forward. My apologies for this.

 Start with the answer for the last puzzle; suppose that each of its pieces were a number. But if a piece can be a number, perhaps the place where it was originally found could be a number as well. What do we get if we add it all up?


  1. I hate to say it, but nobody has enough vested interested in this story to keep trying to solve mundane puzzles whose sole purpose is to further a storyline based on characters we don't care about.

    Even if the puzzles were simpler and not so arbitrary, I still wouldn't care. My thoughts.

    1. I do appreciate the honesty. Perhaps it even confirms a few of my suspicions.

  2. aww, this seemed fun, little treasure hunts to find.